Land Bingo

If you haven't yet discovered the magic of playing bingo in a real Land Bingo club, as opposed to online, then you don't know what you are missing!

Land Bingo Clubs have been popular for decades, giving people the opportunity to make friends, enjoy some fun conversation and - in short - have a great time socialising. Unfortunately, the number of tradtitional land bingo clubs has been declining in recent years.
One reason for this is that players can no longer smoke in enclosed public places, so many smokers have tended to stay away. Another reason for land bingo clubs closing can be found in the taxation laws that bingo operators have to deal with - laws that many say are unfair.

This site aims to show you some of the benefits to be had from playing at a Land Bingo Hall or in a Bingo Club, over playing online. If you are convinced, then please pop over to where you'll find a list of real bingo clubs and reviews from players.

Although chat rooms make online bingo a lot of fun, they only go part of the way to recreating the sociable atmosphere of a real-life bingo club. Getting out of the house with your friends, playing fun games, sharing a drink and a bite to eat and finding yourself caught up in the infectious laughter of a group on a night out just can’t be recreated online.

Feel the Emotion

Playing at a bingo hall is a unique experience; the emotions of the crowd make visiting a club much more dramatic than playing online. The hush that descends as the caller begins to read out the numbers, the tension as players get closer to filling their boards and the excitement at ticking off the winning number make it an almost theatrical event.

Sense of Community

The outpouring of joy and congratulations for winners, from strangers and friends alike, makes for a feel-good ambience and shows that bingo clubs are places where community spirit flourishes. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces is so much more rewarding that taking part in a chat box full of emoticons, no matter how good the intentions behind them.


When playing at an online bingo site, there are games starting every few seconds and the ease with which you can keep buying more and more tickets could lead to you spending more than you had planned. At a real club, where there are only a limited number of games in any session, more effort is involved in buying more entries, so you are less likely to do so. Players tend to purchase their cards for the night in advance of taking their seat and stick with what they have.

In addition, you can only keep track of a limited number of boards when the numbers are called at a real club ,which will keep you within budget, whereas the autodaub technology used online means you can play far more entries in each game, letting the computer fill them in for you.

Entertainment and other facilities

As well as offering menus full of tempting refreshments, many bingo halls often host evenings of entertainment, with everything from musical acts to magic performed on stage. The opportunity to enjoy live entertainment as well as playing a few boards of bingo and maybe win some cash is a fun mix.

Online bingo is great fun and a good way to get your bingo fix when the clubs are shut, but you can’t beat the real thing with its thrills, spills and special atmosphere.

In addition, you might even bump into your favourite musician, TV or film star. Take a look at the celebrities that love to play bingo.