Land Bingo Club FAQs

Before you set foot in a bingo club, you may have a few questions about how it all works. Here are some answers to the most common bingo club queries.

How do I register with a bingo club?

Many bingo clubs let you become a member online before you visit, allowing you to jump straight into playing without hanging around and filling in forms at the reception desk. If you do sign up in person at the venue, you will usually be allowed to play that day, but check before you visit as clubs will have different policies.

The first time you play, you must bring ID with you that proves you are 18 or older.

Do bingo clubs have a dress code?

It is very unusual for a bingo club to have a specific dress code, with players turning up in everything from casualwear to glam gear as they get ready for a night out!

How do I play bingo?

On arrival you will be able to buy your tickets at the desk, which you can then take to your table. The caller will indicate which page of the ticket book is in play and what you need to match in order to win the next prize - one line, two lines or a full house.

The caller will begin to read the numbers out and you need to mark off any that you match on your card. If you are a winner, you should make yourself known immediately by shouting and putting up your hand to attract the caller’s attention.

Although tradition suggests that you shout “bingo” or “house”, in reality what you say is less important than actually flagging up your win.

Do I have to use a dabber when playing bingo in a club?

Dabbers, sometimes called daubers, are the special pens that you use to mark off your bingo card if you match some (or all) of the numbers called.. You do not have to use one, but it is a quick, easy and definitive way to show that you have matched a number. Some people cross them off in pen, which is perfectly acceptable

What is electronic bingo?

Electronic bingo   is played in a bingo club using a special tablet computer and digital pen rather than the traditional paper. You “mark” the numbers called by tapping the screen and the device will keep track of all your tickets for you, alerting you if you are about to win. You need to keep concentrating though, because you will still need to alert the caller if you win.

What does ‘linked bingo’ mean?

A linked game is one that is broadcast across a network of bingo clubs, with suitably increased prizes thanks to the increased ticket sales. Although there is more cash to play for, you have more competition, with everyone at each participating hall also vying for the prizes.

Is there a minimum age to play bingo?

You must be 18 to play bingo games in the UK. Many clubs allow under 18s to enter the building, but they are not allowed to take part in the games.

What else happens at a bingo club?

Many bingo clubs provide on-stage entertainment, including musical acts, comedians and all sorts of other performers, which provides a fun, sociable atmosphere.

You are also likely to find an array of slot games and arcade machines to keep the fun going during breaks in play.

Can I buy food and drink at a bingo club?

You will usually find a bar at a bingo hall selling alcohol and soft drinks as well as tea and coffee. Most clubs have a food menu offering snacks, full meals and desserts, so you can make a full evening of a trip to the bingo.

When did bingo clubs become popular?

The 1960s saw the rise of the bingo in the UK, with many vacant theatres and cinemas being filled by dedicated bingo clubs. Read more about the history of bingo at the dedicated page.